Resolution Update: Day 5

Things I got rid of since the last update:

Stamping supplies

Scrapbooking supplies

3 casserole dishes

Potato ricer

Loaf pan

3 mixing bowls

Wooden salad bowls


Mandoline-style slicer

8 disposable loaf pans

16-year-old down parka

10-year old leather jacket

5-year-old puffy pink jacket

5 pairs of pants

3 sweaters

2 bathing suits

2 pairs of shoes

3 belts

More of my clothes

Baby clothes

Baby shoes


Diaper bag

Insulated bottle cooler bag

Baby play mat

Bumbo seat

12 champagne glasses

5 cookbooks

Things I already got rid of:


Children's books

Wrapping paper, bows, etc.

New Year's Resolutions

Sometimes I do new year's resolutions, sometimes I don't. This year, I've been trying to make some changes in my life and I'm continuing those into 2010. Those don't count as resolutions. I have one resolution this year: to get rid of 10 things a day.

Yesterday, I donated easily 100 toys and books to a local charity. They're going to have to make my house a regular stop on their weekly route. Today, I'm packing up all of my scrapbooking and stamping supplies and sending them to my mother-in-law at her winter home in Florida so that she can have crafty things there, too. This weekend I'll also get rid of some of my holiday decorations and some kitchen items.

Did you make a new year's resolution?