Office Supplies

Resolution Update: Day 90

If you recall, my New Year's Resolution was to get rid of ten things a day. With all the moving, packing, and purging that I have done, I would be that I have gotten rid of 900 things this year. That number makes me sick, especially when I think of how much stuff there is left in my house.

I downsized from a four-bedroom, 2000-s.f. house with  a three-car garage to a three-bedroom, 1400-s.f. (maybe) house with barely a two-car garage. We're not done unpacking yet, but most of our stuff fits. With each box I unpack, I get rid of a few more things.

I was at an impasse in the living room until a couple nights ago. I simply could not figure out how to fit our home office furniture into the living room. At our old house, we had a living room, a family room, and a home office (the fourth bedroom). We had to combine all the functions of those rooms into one room in this house.

As I was sitting in the living room, staring at boxes still packed, and furniture shoved up against the walls, I thought, "Why am I holding on to the office furniture?" We didn't even use most of it at the old house. I have two desks, a three-drawer lateral file cabinet, a smaller cabinet with one lateral file drawer and one sort of open area with a roll-up style door, and a hanging cabinet. We also have a huge laser printer/fax/copier/scanner. We have used all the functions of the printer, but we no longer have as much need for it as we once did, plus we still have my color inkjet printer, but that isn't networkable.

I couldn't understand why I was unwilling to let this IKEA furniture go but, if I needed to, I was going to sell my giant teak china cabinet that took me a year to find.

This weekend, I am taking pictures of the office furniture and putting it on Craigslist. I will keep one desk and the two-drawer cabinet. Those two pieces will fit easily into a corner of the living room.

The New Sharpie Pen


That's right, a Sharpie pen. Not a marker. A pen. And it is AWESOME.

I have nice handwriting and I am vain about it. My writing looks best with a felt tip pen. Most felt tip pens bleed through the paper, but the Sharpie doesn't! Another problem that I have with fine point felt tip pens is that I have to hold them nearly perpendicular to the paper in order to get them to write evenly, but not with the Sharpie pen! I can hold it at a comfortable angle and it writes beautifully, with even ink distribution.

My only complaint is that the clip on the lid doesn't have enough tension. I am worried that it is going to slip off my notebook at work and I will lose my wonderful pen because you know that even if I taped my name to it, no one would return something so awesome.

I spent about $3 for a two-pack at FedEx Kinko's. I haven't shopped around at all - it was totally an impulse purchase when I went in to send a package - but it was the best impulse purchase in ages!