What I Wore: 1/18/12

I wish I could have found a picture of the Anthropologie sweatshirt I am actually wearing. It has this awesome bird and tree print on it, and is about six inches longer than the one shown here, but has the same asymmetrical hem. Also, I don't have that Anthropologie necklace, but I want it. The one have is similar, but has more chains.

What I Wore: 1/18/12


What I Would Wear to the Golden Globe Awards

What I Would Wear to the Golden Globe Awards


Lanvin evening gown dress
$4,890 -


Jimmy Choo strappy sandals
$1,850 -


Diamond jewelry
£7,699 -


Diamond jewelry
$56,500 -


Incanto Royale gold flower ring
$11,700 -






What I wore... on Polyvore

What I Wore: 1/13/12


You've no doubt heard of Pinterest by now. I really like it. (Leave me your email in the comments if you need an invite.) But, Polyvore, have you heard of that one? That is really starting to suck me in. Lately, I have been recording what I wear each day. I've used it to help a friend choose accessories for an event. I've also created sets of things I love (bags, boots, rings).

I'll be posting my outfits here as well, but please follow me at Polyvore if you use it.

My Jewelry Uniform

Up until last year, I was never a regular wearer of jewelry. I'd been wearing the same pair of diamond studs for nearly 20 years. I've always admired people who seem so natural in jewelry, since I always felt so awkward. I decided that I wanted to look as put together as they did, so I developed a jewelry uniform. This set of jewelry goes with almost any outfit I could put together. If I don't want to think about the perfect accessories to go with something, I know that I can simply put on my jewelry uniform and still look like I made an effort.

Wedding band and engagement ring

Jewelry Uniform

Sapphire ring that I bought myself for my 25th birthday

Jewelry Uniform

Tiffany bracelet from my husband

Jewelry Uniform

Tiffany earrings from my husband

Jewelry Uniform

Necklace with my daughters' initials and birthstones (I lost the green one)

Jewelry Uniform

Victoria's Secret: Reliably Slutty

I bought this linen cowl-neck dress/tunic sort of thing on clearance at Nordstrom today. I love, love, love it, but if I can't find the right layering piece to wear under it, I will have to return it. The tunic thing is sleeveless and I do not appear sleeveless in public unless I am about to keel over from heat exhaustion.

I need a short-sleeve (or 3/4-sleeve) shirt with an obscenely low neckline. I tried Nordstrom, J. Crew, and J. Jill at the mall, but none of them had a shirt that was both slutty and sleeved. I tried Victoria's Secret at the mall, but they only had shirts in the PINK section and I am about 20 years too old to even step foot in there.

While my girls were eating dinner, I logged onto "Mommy, why her boobs are showing?" I found exactly what I needed. I hope. We'll see in 5-8 business days.

Vs1 Vs2

My shoes are not knock-offs, but they were cheap.

I bought these shoes a few months ago for $60. I wrote about them in a post titled "The Look For Less: Woven Leather Wedges and Black Leather Booties," which was about cheap alternatives to pricey shoes I coveted.


So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is a cheaper alternative to my cheap alternative. Seriously, other brands are knocking off Candies now? This seems ridiculous to me, even though these knock-offs are half the price of the Candies. So, if you want these shoes for $27, you can get them at Target, by Mossimo. I also saw them under a different name for the same price at Off Broadway Shoes.


The Look for Less: Woven Leather Wedges and Black Leather Booties

Yesterday on The Pioneer Woman, she mentioned a site called Polyvore and, in one of the screenshots, there were these Givenchy woven leather wedges. I was instantly in love, but it is the kind of love I have for Brad Pitt (unattainable), not the kind of love I have for my husband (attained). These shoes cost $1,190. Look, I'll drop $100 on a pair without blinking, but paying ten times that? No. Still, I love them.


I had a little bit of time between my orthodontist appointment and picking up the girls from daycare, so I stopped in at Kohl's to see if I could find a few inexpensive shirts to replace the ones in my closet that are beginning to look like tents on me. What I found were the Candie's Vivien Platform Wedge Sandal. They didn't give me the same tinglies in my lady parts, but they are cute and comfortable and only cost $60. I actually bought them in Blush, not Cognac, as shown here.


If you have been following my shoe adventures on Twitter, you will know that I recently purchased these Kelsi Dagger Wilma booties on Piperlime, but they are a half size too big and out of stock in the size I need. (Extra sad because they are on clearance for $75, down from $150.)


I ordered some insert thingies to try to make them work but, in the meantime, I figured I would see if I could find a pair of shoes at Kohl's that would work instead. I found the Rath Platform Wedges from Simply Vera by Vera Wang. They suite my purposes perfectly, are easier to walk in, and are the same price as the booties, so the booties are going back.