What I Wore: 6/13/12

What I Wore: 6/13/2012


I haven't done one of these posts in awhile, mostly because you have already seen everything I own and there are only so many ways I can put those things together. But, summer is nearly here, and I am buying some new things. Not that you would know it from this outfit, which includes a tweed jacket I found at a thrift store for $18. We get "June Gloom" here in SoCal. It is gray and chilly, usually burning off in the afternoons, until after Independence Day.

What I Wore: 3/14/12

I am getting a new corporate headshot taken. We were told to dress business casual, in dark solid colors. Every time something like this comes up, I need to buy new clothes because I am still shrinking out of my old ones (albeit at a much slower rate now). For this outfit, I only bought the blazer. I had everything else already.

What I Wore: 3/14/12


What I Wore: 3/12/12

I wore a ridiculous number of items on my body today, yet I was still chilly when I went outside after lunch. Here it is, from top to bottom:

  • Silver hoop earrings
  • Silver mommy necklace
  • Bra
  • Shaping camisole
  • Black ribbed tank for layering
  • Gray ribbed rank with large, graphic floral pattern
  • Black cardigan
  • Black La Mer watch
  • Wedding rings
  • Panties
  • Black tights
  • Denim pencil skirt
  • Socks
  • Boots
What I Wore: 3/12/12


Polyvore + Pinterest = A Cure for Shopping Addiction

Last week, I saw a link to an article about how Pinterest can curb the urge to shop. After I read the title, I knew it was true, at least for me. Since I started using Pinterest in earnest, and combining it with my use of Polyvore, I have shopped significantly less. In fact, I am in danger of losing all my Foursquare mayorships at the mall.

For me, the most therapeutic part of the shopping experience is not the buying, it is the finding. To look through a store and find the one perfect thing I had in mind provides a lovely thrill. Browsing is pretty nice, too. Looking through lots of things to find a hidden gem of something on clearance, or a brand new thing that I have never seen before gives me a great feeling. I can replicate those feelings on Polyvore and Pinterest.

For example, I spent an hour building this set on Polyvore. I knew exactly where to buy several of the things in this set, but now that I have found them, I don't necessarily need to buy them.

My Closet Needs This


Well, I do need a denim pencil skirt and some new panties.