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Los Robles Open Space and Los Padres Open Space


I hiked Los Padres Trail last year as part of the Conejo Open Space Challenge, which starts again on March 1. This time, I added Los Robles Trail East and Vista Loop (also called Los Robles Overlook Trail).



Unfortunately, I started out about the same time as a small family, I outpaced them in the beginning, but not quite enough to lose them. When we reached the overlook, I took a long break to let them get ahead. Other than them, I mostly saw mountain bikers, but they whiz by and are gone. A few other hikers I saw came from the opposite direction.


I saved Los Padres Trail for the last part of the hike because it was one of the most scenic trails I have been on, with adorable bridges and beautiful creeks.


I hiked it in late spring last year, so I thought an earlier hike would mean more water in the creeks. I hadn't accounted for the fact that we have had much less rain than last year, so there was even less water. In fact, except for this one creek, there was no water.


The incline was more gradual than most other long trails I have taken, but it was a good workout. My booty hurt the next day.

Future Hikes

There are lots of trails in this area that I haven't explored yet.

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 2.38.12 PM


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