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Wildwood Park

My oldest child has been asking to go on the Paradise Falls hike for ages, and the time was finally right. I guess my weekend hikes have been on less popular trails because I have never seen so many people while hiking. Wildwood is popular in general, this hike in particular. We arrived around 9 AM and couldn't find a spot in the main parking lot so we parked farther down Avenida de los Arboles at a park. I didn't mind because it added just enough distance that our hike ended up being almost exactly three miles.

We hiked Mesa Trail to Teepee Trail to Paradise Falls. (Yellow on the maps.) We spent some time exploring the area around the falls. Then we took Moonridge Trail, with a little detour on Lynnmere Trail, to Indian Cave. We climbed up through the cave and back down. (Pink on the maps.) The last leg of our hike was along Indian Creek Trail.  It was beautiful and shady and followed the creek out of the park. (Blue on the maps.) Indian Creek Trail jumped to the top of my list of favorite trails, along with Moonridge Trail.


Paradise Falls

Alltrails.com map

Paradise Falls Alltrails

The start of Teepee Trail.


Guess what we found on Teepee Trail.


Paradise Falls




I'm glad we decided to take that little detour on Lynnmere Trail. It was so pretty and crossed over Indian Creek and back before reconnecting us with Moonridge Trail.



We climbed up and through Indian Cave.



We crossed Indian Creek again, and found another waterfall on our way out.



Future Hikes

Next time, we'll enter at Indian Creek Trail and take Moonridge Trail all the way past Paradise Falls to Lizard Rock Trail.

Eventually, I would like to take the Santa Rosa Trail and Box Canyon Trail loop, which is about six miles long.


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