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20 Months After Gastric Bypass

I haven't been posting about my progress lately because it hasn't seemed like I have made any progress. I don't like to post about the minor backslides, or plateaus for the same reason I only record weight losses on my chart. With weight loss, I absolutely have to focus on the positive, or I get caught up in a vicious cycle of self-sabotage. Rather than try to figure out why or how I end up in that cycle, I just avoid it altogether. I only post when things are good. I only record my weight when it's down.

Speaking of which, I broke a months-long plateau and finally broke out of the 180s. Today, I weigh 179.8. I recorded my weight on Livestrong.com, where I track everything. This is the chart showing my high weight, a few months before my surgery. It's hard to believe that two years ago, I weighed nearly 120 pounds more than I do now.




Yay! Keep up the healthy good work.
xo kb


Woot! Go, Michelle! So excited for you. Do you feel fabulous?

Kelly Tirman

So Awesome! Congrats!



Mary Beth

Way to go! I've noticed you mentioning Paleo stuff recently in your Tweets, do you attribute any of your recent success to that? I'm thinking about giving it a try myself.


I've never met you in person, so I only have photos for comparison, but I gotta say that your latest profile pic is WOW. I would kill for those collarbones.

Peeved Michelle

Yes, Paleo is definitely what got me over the plateau.

Peeved Michelle


Peeved Michelle


Peeved Michelle

Yes, definitely. How are you doing since yours?

Peeved Michelle


Peeved Michelle


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