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Take This Job and Shove It

A big, big thing happened last week. I left my corporate job. I had been working toward that goal for a few months and was planning to make it happen at the end of the summer. Circumstances changed and it happened sooner. NOW I GET THE WHOLE SUMMER OFF. Not really. I get exactly two weeks off and then it is back to work, even harder than before, but with ONE THOUSAND TIMES the amount of enjoyment I will derive from it. Most of my effort will be going into Sprawl3, a start-up I co-founded with a couple friends and former co-workers. We are developing white label mobile apps for small businesses. I will also continue to take on projects through Bossy Interactive, my consultancy.

Right now, though, I am not thinking of that. Here's how the past eight days have gone for me:

  • Saturday: Move to a new house
  • Sunday: Unpack like a fiend
  • Monday: Run one thousand errands
  • Tuesday: Unexpectedly leave my day job
  • Wednesday: So many boxes
  • Thursday: Why do I need to go to Target so many times
  • Friday: Spend the entire day getting ready for my three-year-old's birthday party
  • Saturday: Happy Birthday!
  • Sunday: More birthday things, a couple boxes unpacked, start writing this post instead of going to bed like I should have

I could not have left my job at a better time. For the next two days, I have  Sprawl3 work to do, and more moving-related things to take care of, but then I am on vacation for a few days with my husband for our 10th anniversary. When I return from that, it's back to work. For myself. And, take it from me, I am the best boss ever.



I agree - you are the best boss ever. Congratulations on making the change! Enjoy your anniversary time away, before you come home to boxes to unpack.

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