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2012: The Year of Good Health... and Money


I am anemic. I have been that way for about six months. It's a side effect of gastric bypass. My body does not absorb all of the nutrients from the food I eat. I've made it worse by not taking my iron supplements faithfully, and not eating the foods I should be eating. If I don't get my iron levels up in the next three months, I will need to have an IV iron infusion. My calcium and vitamin D levels are low as well. I haven't seen a nutritionist since I had surgery.

I have lost 100 lbs in the past year. My surgeon wants me to lose 30 lbs more in the next six months. If I had been exercising at all during the past year, that 30 lbs would already be gone. I weigh 195 right now. That would put me at a final weight of 165. I'd rather be 145.

I have a numb spot on my right calf that has yet to be diagnosed and did not response to a course of steroids. The next step is to get a referral to a neurologist. I've been putting that off.

I've never had a mole check with a dermatologist. I have a referral to see one, but I haven't made an appointment yet.

I need to be screened for the breast cancer gene. I'll ask about that about my six-month follow-up mammogram next month to check on the calcifications that are still in my right breast.

I haven't created a budget spreadsheet for at least five years.

My savings accounts and retirement accounts are as anemic as my body is.

I did not meet my goal of paying off all credit card debt by the end of the year.

We are woefully behind on our taxes.

All of this is going to change in 2012.

My first priority is health. My second priority is finances. With everything I do, I will ask myself, "Is this the healthiest choice I can make right now?" or, "Is this the best financial choice I can make right now?" and, in that order. For instance, is watching three episodes of Gossip Girl the healthiest choice I can make at that moment? No. I could do something more active. I could play Just Dance on the Wii with my girls, or go for a walk, or clean up clutter around the house, or prepare meals for the week, or go to bed and get a reasonable amount of sleep. Is watching three episodes of Gossip Girl before bed the best financial choice I can make at that moment? No. I could get tax paperwork together, or work on my 2012 budget spreadsheet, or list things for sale on Craigslist and eBay.

Health. Finances. That's it. If I can't get those two things under control, everything else falls apart. I'll still parent my children, and be a wife to my husband, and be a model employee, but I won't be taking any classes and I won't be making any committments to anyone else if there is something else I can be doing that would be better for my health and finances.


Peeved Michelle

Right after I wrote that last line, I sent an email resigning from my Bunco group. I really enjoy it, but it does not pass the health and finances priority test.


Your loss is steady which is better than rapid loss.
Scarey with the vitamins, I can identify with that and also with the work life balance, exercise etc.
There is soo much to juggle, but you will get there Michelle.

Keep going

Mitzi x


But watching those episodes of Gossip Girl actually inspired me to get my financial house in order. Rich people frolicking and all.


Coincidentally, health and finances are at the top of my 2012 list too. That, and resurrecting my blog/photography.


I am with you on both of those items. I admire your determination and I hope it gives me a little inspiration since I'd like to work on my health and finances, too. Maybe I'll check in with you if I have a moment of weakness. If I do, tell me to put the credit card away and throw the french fries in the trash.


Liquid Floradix is the best absorbed. Aunt Pat takes it for her anemia.

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