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As a Fractional COO I help your company grow and thrive by adding executive experience without the financial commitment of a full-time hire. I collaborate with your leadership team to solve your biggest issues. I drive business plan execution by aligning operations with the core focus, integrating major functions, optimizing processes, resolving issues, and fostering communication across the organization.

You will gain insight into better business practices, improvements to operational efficiency, implementation of effective frameworks and systems, and a more cohesive, integrated leadership team.

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Peeved Michelle

Right after I wrote that last line, I sent an email resigning from my Bunco group. I really enjoy it, but it does not pass the health and finances priority test.


Your loss is steady which is better than rapid loss.
Scarey with the vitamins, I can identify with that and also with the work life balance, exercise etc.
There is soo much to juggle, but you will get there Michelle.

Keep going

Mitzi x


But watching those episodes of Gossip Girl actually inspired me to get my financial house in order. Rich people frolicking and all.


Coincidentally, health and finances are at the top of my 2012 list too. That, and resurrecting my blog/photography.


I am with you on both of those items. I admire your determination and I hope it gives me a little inspiration since I'd like to work on my health and finances, too. Maybe I'll check in with you if I have a moment of weakness. If I do, tell me to put the credit card away and throw the french fries in the trash.


Liquid Floradix is the best absorbed. Aunt Pat takes it for her anemia.

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