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Ten years ago, on 9/11

My schizophrenic drive to work, in photos

My drive to work is 40 miles long, with changing weather and terrain. This picture was taken in my neighborhood, about a quarter of a mile from my house.


This picture was taken about six miles away from my house, still in the same city.


These four pictures were taken in the canyon that connects the 101 freeway with Pacific Coast Highway.





These two pictures were taken on Pacific Coast Highway. You weren't thinking about going to the beach for Labor Day, were you? My drive was a little slower than usual on PCH this morning because of the high surf. Those surfers don't care what the weather is like.



To be honest, I expected it to be sunny at my office (a couple miles inland) in Santa Monica. Sorry to have to disappoint you about beach city weather in Southern California. I'm glad I wore a sweater today.




Last time I took PCH north to San Francisco, every twist and turn went from sunny to foggy to sunny to foggy. It was kinda cool.


It's kinda dreamy feeling. I'd prolly nod off while driving.

Peeved Michelle

Some days...

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