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As a Fractional COO I help your company grow and thrive by adding executive experience without the financial commitment of a full-time hire. I collaborate with your leadership team to solve your biggest issues. I drive business plan execution by aligning operations with the core focus, integrating major functions, optimizing processes, resolving issues, and fostering communication across the organization.

You will gain insight into better business practices, improvements to operational efficiency, implementation of effective frameworks and systems, and a more cohesive, integrated leadership team.

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That's pretty rad. What's the graphic in the very bottom right?

Looks great, good luck with your job hunting. I tried smething myself (no where close to this) but yes, I love the idea infographic resumes too! Just wondering, how much does it cost to get it done proffesionally? :)

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Peeved Michelle

If you email or DM me, I will tell you how much I paid. I don't want to post it online.

Crap Detector

Just found your blog and am really enjoying it--kudos, Blogher! This infographic resume is a wonderful idea. I'm definitely going to pass it along to my Professional Comm. students next semester.


Very cool resume! I see that you went to UAF! Funny - I am originally from Fairbanks and my Dad used to be a prof there. Did you grow up in Fairbanks? It woul be really funny if we went to 1st grade together or something ;-)

Peeved Michelle

Thanks. If you Google infographic resumes, you'll find a couple of Mashable articles with different examples.

Peeved Michelle

Nope. I grew up in SoCal. I was just there for college and a year afterward, 1994-1998.


Ok cool. I live in San Diego now ;-)

Deb Rox


Here's my attempt at it: would love to get yr feedback, did it myself! :) what's your email/twitter?

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