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My Infographic Resume

My Infographic CV

You see that thing up there? That's my resume. Seriously. It's a little unorthodox, but I LOVE IT. (Click on it to see it full size.) I read an article on Mashable a couple months back that showed half a dozen examples of infographic resumes. At the time I had just been rejected (I mean like, make no mistake about it, rejected) for a job I thought I really wanted, and my quest for a new job in Texas was in a lull. This looked like just the thing I needed to liven up my prospects. I was right.

I hired the designer of three of the resumes in that Mashable article. He delivered the final product to me two mornings ago and I immediately posted on I tweeted about it, and linked to it on Facebook and LinkedIn. I asked people to please share it with their followers and within 18 hours, this page had over 2000 hits. The response has been amazing -- more than I hoped for -- and I have had a few serious inquiries already.

If you're looking for someone like me or you know someone who is, please share my resume. I really appreciate the help.



That's pretty rad. What's the graphic in the very bottom right?

Looks great, good luck with your job hunting. I tried smething myself (no where close to this) but yes, I love the idea infographic resumes too! Just wondering, how much does it cost to get it done proffesionally? :)

Peeved Michelle logo

Peeved Michelle

If you email or DM me, I will tell you how much I paid. I don't want to post it online.

Crap Detector

Just found your blog and am really enjoying it--kudos, Blogher! This infographic resume is a wonderful idea. I'm definitely going to pass it along to my Professional Comm. students next semester.


Very cool resume! I see that you went to UAF! Funny - I am originally from Fairbanks and my Dad used to be a prof there. Did you grow up in Fairbanks? It woul be really funny if we went to 1st grade together or something ;-)

Peeved Michelle

Thanks. If you Google infographic resumes, you'll find a couple of Mashable articles with different examples.

Peeved Michelle

Nope. I grew up in SoCal. I was just there for college and a year afterward, 1994-1998.


Ok cool. I live in San Diego now ;-)

Deb Rox


Here's my attempt at it: would love to get yr feedback, did it myself! :) what's your email/twitter?

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