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Call for Opinions: Redecorating a Little Girl's Bedroom

If the title of this post sounds familiar, it's because I asked for your opinion on the same subject a couple years ago. (Check it out.) I didn't buy new furniture at the time, though. My older girl came out of her crib and moved into the daybed (with trundle) that used to be our guest bed. My younger girl went into the crib we originally bought for the older one. My older girl is now four, and my little one is two, and potty-trained, and still sleeping in her crib.

We'll be moving soon and I don't want to move the baby furniture. I'd like to sell the crib and matching dresser as a set. Both girls will need new dressers and we will need one bed; two if we'd like to have a guest bed again. I love little girl bedroom sets, but I don't want to be going through this again in five years when my oldest girl decides her furniture is too babyish. I'm going to start with her room first and then do the little one's room.

I want to find a great bed and a great dresser. I'll build the room around those two pieces. Start sending me stuff! I am keeping it all on Pinterest. Here is some of what I have so far:

I love a dresser with a cupboard. Even though this is from Land of Nod, it doesn't look like kid furniture.

Adorable, two separate pieces from Pottery Barn Kids.

Awesome, from Pottery Barn Kids.

Rustic, and easy to open for kids, from Anthropologie.

I love this one for me, from Crate and Barrel.




I'm sure you've already thought of this, but if you get them white or off-white furniture you can just change out their bedding and accessories as they get older and the furniture will age with them.

Peeved Michelle

Why wouldn't I be able to do that even with stained wood?

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