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12 Tips for BlogHer '12


Once again, I am writing my tips for the next BlogHer conference the day I arrive home from the last BlogHer conference.

  1. FOLLOW MY ADVICE. Pieces of my own advice for BlogHer '11 that I did not follow and wish I had: (a) Don't share a bed. (b) Arrive on Wednesday, leave on Sunday, take Monday off of work. (c) Change your shoes at mealtimes to avoid fatigue. (d) Attend some (more) sessions, you jackass. So, yeah, do all of that next year.

  2. INSTALL GROUPME ON YOUR PHONE. If you don't already have the GroupMe app installed on your phone, I highly recommend it. It is a group texting app and the latest version has a ton of great new features. I use it on a daily basis to text with a group of girlfriends. I set up a second group just for my friends who were attending BlogHer '11 together. With this app, we were able to easily keep tabs on each other's whereabouts, meet up whenever possible, and change plans quickly.

  3. blogher11-train
  4. MAP THE PARTIES BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOME. I recommend printing out a map and highlighting the routes to each of your offsite parties before you leave your house. Also, think about how you are going to get to each one, the time it is going to take to get there, and if you need an alternative means of transportation to get back.

  5. blogher11-leslie
  6. KNOW THYSELF. You are not going to morph into a different person the minute you arrive at the conference hotel. I know myself. I am a swag whore who likes to be tan and hang out with her friends. I brought home four bags of swag, spent tons of time with the friends I traveled with, and the friends I've made online over the past couple years, and I skipped an afternoon of sessions to hang out by the pool. I had a fantastic weekend. I got exactly what I wanted out of BlogHer.

  7. blogher11-fakelashes
  8. GET FAKE LASHES. Since the Fall of last year, I have been getting fake eyelashes from my esthetician whenever I have a conference or special event to attend. They are fricking gorgeous, only cost $35, and last 1-2 weeks, depending on how careful I am. If you want to feel like you look beautiful with the least amount of effort possible, I am telling you, fake lashes are magical.

  9. blogher11-bizcards
  10. PUT YOUR TWITTER NAME ON YOUR CARD. Seriously, I shouldn't have to tell you this.

  11. BRING MORE BUSINESS CARDS. Bring at least 100 business cards. Hand them out to every single person you meet.

  12. KEEP YOUR BUSINESS CARDS IN YOUR BADGE HOLDER. I asked nearly everyone I met if they had a card. Most said yes, then reached into their giants bags and fished around for their business cards, while I stood there, waiting patiently, card in hand, having quickly retrieved it from the badge holder conveniently strung around my neck.

  13. BRING A SPARE BATTERY FOR YOUR PHONE. I have an iPhone with an internal battery, so I can't literally bring a spare battery. I have the iGO Green charger. I got it in a swag bag at SXSWi this year and it is the most useful piece of swag I have ever received. I plug it into the wall and plug my iPhone into it, and they both get charged up. I unplug it and throw it in my bag. Later, when my iPhone is gasping its last breath. I plug my phone into the iGO Green charger, which holds enough power to get my phone back up to 75%.

  14. blogher11-backpackingdad
  15. DON'T BE INTIMIDATED BY ANYONE. Every single person attending BlogHer is just that, a person. There is no reason to be intimidated by anyone. Ever. Anywhere. You may admire a person so much you can barely express the reasons why. That person might be nicer, smarter, and prettier than you are, but she (he?) is still just a person with her own issues and insecurities. There is no reason for you to feel like you can't talk to anyone you want to talk to at this conference.

  16. blogher11-swag
  17. GO TO THE EXPO RIGHT WHEN IT CLOSES ON THE LAST DAY. I hear it is a swag free-for-all.

  18. blogher11-soda
  19. EAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, AND DRINK WATER. Man, do I feel gross right now.


Twenty Four At Heart

Great post. Remind me to re-read it next summer ...! : )


You forgot one important rule.....GET A PROPER WINGWOMAN! Had the best time - and owe it all to you.


Thanks heaps for the ribbon for my badge. LOVE IT! It's hanging in my office and is my favourite thing from the conference. Great meeting you.

Cori Kesler

Really really good post. Hope to see you next year in NYC.


Another business card tip: Put your home city/state on it. Maybe I'm just nosy, but I like to know the general area where folks live.

I was shocked how many people at the conference either aren't on Twitter or didn't put their handles on their cards.


I definitely learned a bunch of things I'll do different next year. Thanks for the great tips!!


Can I tell you how brilliant you are to put your picture on your business card?!?! I went to a very small blog conference and came home with about 80 business cards in my bag...and I couldn't tell you who they belonged to. I remember faces more than names, and if I fished your card out of my bag I'd probably smile and remember EXACTLY who you were. And add you to my blogroll. :)

Peeved Michelle

I need to remind myself and actually follow my own advice this time.

Peeved Michelle

Yeah, no one should ever expect me to be a wingwoman.

Peeved Michelle

You're welcome! Great meeting you, too. I am pretty sure I won't forget your twitter name!

Peeved Michelle

Thanks. I'll be there.

Peeved Michelle

Good idea.

Peeved Michelle

Please learn from my painful mistakes.

Peeved Michelle



So much fun! So glad to meet you in person!

Peeved Michelle

You, too! We need to do something in L.A. and not wait until the next BlogHer to see each other again.


love these tips, thank you! I just bought my ticket today and am coming from sydney, australia so very excited and I have a year to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Great post! I'm planning to attend BlogHer 12', this gives me a good outlook
for how I should come strapped and ready to play ball.


Great post! I agree with every point (though, I'm not sure whether fake lashes would go well with my beard). And, to expand on a point:

11b. Don't be shy about collecting swag. The folks that bring swag to the expo came to give it to you. They don't want to have to pack it up and take it back with them. (Some people mentioned they regretted not getting something they lusted after.)

11c. Go to the swag exchange. Leave stuff you don't want—why carry it around, after all—and check to see if there's anything there you like. I found something I didn't see at the expo, and you may, too.

And on a related note: If you like potlucks, go to the expo with an appetite. You can make a tour of the food booths and skip a meal. Just, uh, keep point #12 in mind and don't do this for every meal.

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