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Today is Friday, July 29, 2011

My MIL arrived last night. She is visiting for a couple weeks. The timing of her trip coincides with me going to the BlogHer conference in San Diego so that she can help out my husband with the girls. She always asks for a list of projects to do while she is here. Usually, I have a bunch of little things that need doing, but I guess I have been keeping my shit together this year. I have two big things for her to do: potty train the toddler, and organize the garage.

Potty training started this morning. We are using my patented No Pants Boot Camp method. So far, this has resulted in the toddler slipping in a puddle of her own pee three feet from the potty. I have high hopes for success.

My MIL and the girls are at the park right now. I am working from Panera. I usually work from home on Fridays, but we all had to be out of the house because the exterminator came this morning. We were being overrun by spiders. I'm going to take a lunch break soon to drop my jeans off at the tailor to be hemmed. I hope they are ready in time for BlogHer. After work, we're touring a new preschool/daycare that we'll likely start next month.


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