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As a Fractional COO I help your company grow and thrive by adding executive experience without the financial commitment of a full-time hire. I collaborate with your leadership team to solve your biggest issues. I drive business plan execution by aligning operations with the core focus, integrating major functions, optimizing processes, resolving issues, and fostering communication across the organization.

You will gain insight into better business practices, improvements to operational efficiency, implementation of effective frameworks and systems, and a more cohesive, integrated leadership team.

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Amazing. You are inspiring! And you've actually lost more than 28" because you lost from each arm, thigh, and calf.

What is a Fitbit and what does it do for you?

Peeved Michelle

Oh, yeah. Good point about the math. Fitbit is a fancy pedometer. It is tiny. I wear it on my bra. It automatically uploads the data to when I walk by my computer. I wear it to bed and it tracks my sleep patterns.

And, I wrote this post a couple days ago and scheduled it. As of today, my stall is broken with a 3-lb. loss.

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