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Biopsy Update

I had the biopsy today. The surgeon didn't get all the calcifications. There was one (of six) for sure that he couldn't find. I will see him next week for the results and then I will have another mammogram in a few weeks.

There is an 80-90% chance that the calcifications are benign. Most women would have simply had another mammogram in six months to look for any change. Biopsy was recommended for me because of my family history. I couldn't have a stereotactic biopsy in the office because the calcifications were too close to the skin. If these are benign, I am going to ask that the simply watch any remaining ones instead of going back in for them.



Thanks for the update. Glad to see you're (presumably) doing well.


Hoping for good news and no more biopsies!


Thank you for the update. I'm sure you're anxious to hear the results, but it must be a relief to have the procedure over with and to know your odds of being benign are excellent. I hope to hear good news next week!


Glad for you it's over.


I'll be thinking about you!

Fragrant Liar

Wow, definitely have my fingers crossed, hoping for good news for you. My daughter's friend is going through this right now, and just today they got the great news that the biopsy on the lymph nodes came back negative, but she will have to have a bilateral mastectomy in a few weeks for the cancer they did find.

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