Three Men Who Want Me
The Cube Dweller's Manifesto

The Freebie List a.k.a. My Humps a.k.a. Celebrity F*ck List

I call it the Freebie List because I don't curse much and the Fuck List sounds vulgar. Regardless of what it is called, this is a list of well-known people that I may have sex with, should the situation arise, and my husband will say, "Well done, you," instead of, "I divorce you." This list has evolved over time. (See Three Boys I'd Like to Do It With and Three Men Who Want Me.) It's time for an update to reflect my cougar phase. (I am 35. Can that really be cougar age?) Also, it looks like I have decided I get to sleep with five men instead of three.

Matthew Morrison

It's the mouth, and the eyes, and the dancing, and, god help me, the rapping.


Mark Salling

To be honest, it was a toss-up between Matthew Bomer and Mark Salling, but then I found this and I didn't want to waste a precious spot on the freebie list on a gay guy. And, if Mark is on the list, I may someday fulfill my dream of a Puck-Michelle-Mr. Schuester sandwich. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, I am sure there is GLEE fanfic somewhere on the internet that describes this in detail.)


Henry Cavill

I want to pet his pretty face. I am beginning to think I have a type.


Adam Levine

I need one who is a little bit dirty. You know what I mean.


Here is a little Adam Levine bonus. It cracks me up every time.



It's the rapping for me, too. Otherwise, he's a little too pretty for my type.



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