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10 Tips for BlogHer '11

I returned home from BlogHer '10 today. One year from now I am not going to remember nine out of ten of the following tips, so this is really more of a note to self than anything else.

  1. Bring Tums
  2. Go Wednesday to Sunday, but leave late on Sunday and take Monday off of work
  3. Wear your hair up for parties because it gets HOT in there
  4. Eat before parties because you will DRINK
  5. Or, skip the parties and do more things in town with your friends
  6. Bring your own Diet Pepsi because the dude at the Diet Pepsi booth is only handing out samples as if there was a single person at the conference who might be thinking, "Hey, I wonder what Diet Pepsi tastes like."
  7. Attend some sessions, you jackass
  8. Bring pre-cut moleskin strips (again) to prevent blisters on your feet even though you brought comfortable shoes to wear
  9. Scope out all hair, make-up, and spa services as early as possible because they have sign-up times that fill up quickly
  10. Don't share a bed

Bonus tip: Get new luggage. That $15 carry-on you bought at Sam's Club in 1995 has reached the end of its life.

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I need to get new luggage. I have to stop buying it at Target since I can use it about 3 times before it disintegrates under the brunt of my abuse. Also, after lunch the 2nd day I just grabbed extra sodas and took them upstairs myself. :)


You are hysterical! I can totally identify with your tips. you should pass by my blog and check out my list of things not to do. thats all i managed to write about blogher10. I think if I even go to Blogher11, I'm just going to get an Expo pass and that's it. I hardly went to any of the sessions (2.5 only)LOL

"Do the math: BlogHer10 - Social Skills = Me "

Peeved Michelle

Actually, I don't need Tums anymore and I am going to share a bed again, but I am much thinner, so it shouldn't be a problem. And, I am going on Thursday-Sunday again, but the conference is driving distance so that shouldn't be a problem either.

The Maven


Attend some sessions, you jackass

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