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Ten Things: A Very Short Guide to BlogHer

Should I make this out to your awesome Coach bag?

Last year was my first year at the BlogHer conference. I met Tim Gunn. That wasn't even the highlight of the weekend.

Here is a little list of suggestions based on my experience there.

  1. During the day, wear what makes you the most comfortable. Yes, some women will be dressed like fashion models or hipsterinas, but who the hell cares?
  2. For parties, wear what you think looks the best on you. If you don't think anything looks good on you, wear what makes you the most comfortable. I'd rather be underdressed than uncomfortable. All those bitches are going to be drunk anyway.
  3. Talk to the people manning the booths in the expo areas. If you are too shy for that, latch onto a more outgoing friend who will talk to everyone. (That's what I did.)
  4. Carry a very large, nearly empty bag if you want swag. (Check out my sweet Coach bag in the picture.) The expo hall is loaded with it.
  5. Don't disregard the advice in the official Guide to BlogHer about changing your shoes a couple times a day. I did not do this and my feet regretted it.
  6. Get the phone numbers of people you want to catch up with during the conference. You might miss emails and tweets, so you want to be able to call and text.
  7. Bring business cards with at least your name, blog URL, and Twitter name printed on them. (Last year, I made mine at the last minute on ugly cardstock and cut them myself. They were so ghetto.) Exchange them with everyone you meet.
  8. Plan the sessions you want to attend, but plan for back-ups, too. Some are just lame.
  9. Don't just have a muffin and orange juice for breakfast. (This is more for me than you. I have to remind myself of this every time I see a continental breakfast.)
  10. Bring extra ziploc bags. Some of the swag is liquid and you don't want that spilling in your checked bag.

If this is your first year, don't feel like you are missing out if you don't do half the stuff you plan to do. BlogHer has ten different things going on at any one time. Do the things you like the best and skip the rest. If you aren't having fun, text me and you can hang with me and my girlies.



How dressy are you going for the parties?


Excellent advice PM!

(p.s. I'm not getting "dressy" at all for the parties but I normally wear drapey black clothes and some big accessories and people think I'm being "dressy" when I'm just being me. So, just be you. Some girls wear body glitter and stilettos. Is that you? No you're not a stripper.)

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