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Resolution Update: July 25th

Resolution Update: July

It has been a few months since I updated about my resolution to get rid of ten things a day this year. The long gap is due to the fact that I haven't been getting rid of much. A box here or there to Goodwill and a bag of baby clothes here or there to my sister. Tonight, I got rid of 115 things in about an hour. I needed this purge of things to help me purge my mind of some heavy things I wrote in my journal. It worked. Now - well, as soon as I finish this post - I can get some sleep.

  1. Q-Tip, used and discarded while contemplating where to start (I started in the bathroom, where I was)
  2. Toner that I don't like but have been trying to use up before I open a new bottle
  3. Empty bottle of hand sanitizer that I keep thinking I am going to refill but never do
  4. Lip gloss that tastes gross
  5. Lipstick sample that I hate because I don't wear lipstick
  6. Lip crayon that I got from my sister but is really too dark for me
  7. Smokey eye shadow kit because I have the exact same colors in another palette
  8. Mascara sample
  9. Mascara sample
  10. Eye pencil sharpener because I have another one
  11. Shower scrubby that is past its prime
  12. Nivea creme sample that I have had for ages and never used
  13. Apricot scrub sample because I don't use that kind anymore
  14. Moisturizer sample
  15. Cleanser sample
  16. Night cream sample
  17. Shampoo sample
  18. Conditioner sample
  19. Shine serum sample
  20. Tampon, last in a box of a brand I hate
  21. Pad, last in a box of a brand I hate
  22. Reusable bag because I needed something in which to put the items for donation
  23. Makeup case that is too small and dark
  24. Sesame Street ponytail holders (6) because we shaved my daughter's head and by the time she can use them again, she won't be into Sesame Street
  25. A collectible spoon I bought my mom in Nashville; it's going back to my parents' house to stay with her collection (I moved on to my closet at this point)
  26. Slacks I wore once and which didn't fit well
  27. Gold flats with no arch support
  28. Sweater with a hole in it
  29. Sweater I wore when pregnant that makes me look pregnant
  30. A cooling fan for my netbook that is a piece of crap
  31. An empty jewelry case
  32. A placemat that has no mates
  33. An old thermometer
  34. Ointment sample
  35. Ointment sample
  36. Old nail polish
  37. Ointment sample
  38. Cheap plastic ring with a green stone
  39. Button
  40. Soothing eyepad sample
  41. Empty Ziploc bag that was holding those samples
  42. Empty Ziploc bag that was holding random stuff from my husband's nightstand from when we moved
  43. Tan bra
  44. Black bra
  45. Newspaper from the day my youngest daughter was born that my mom wanted me to keep but I hate keeping stuff like that
  46. Hello Kitty Christmas stocking
  47. Alarm clock that I love but that is pretty useless as an alarm clock
  48. Sleep mask that is a little too tight and gives me a headache
  49. Broken booklight
  50. Pack of heavy duty felt pads that go on the chairs to protect the floors
  51. Surface protection variety pack
  52. Outlet plugs for childproofing (one bazillion)
  53. Massage roller that never gets used
  54. Another broken booklight
  55. Ticket stubs (2) from a tour of the CN Tower years and years ago
  56. Half used roll of gift wrap tape
  57. Pen with turquoise ink
  58. Bathroom cabinet
  59. Picture rail
  60. Fleece-lined Crocs that I bought to use as slippers but which make my feet sweat
  61. Another pen
  62. Baby wash sample
  63. Swiffer duster handle
  64. Mostly used roll of packing tape
  65. Massage oil sample
  66. Floss sample
  67. Surge protector older than any other piece of technology in this house
  68. Door stop that doesn't work on any of the doors in this house
  69. Diet Pepsi bottle (I moved on to my nightstand)
  70. Used Gap gift card
  71. Empty necklace box
  72. Receipts (including the one on which I wrote this list)
  73. Fake gold necklace
  74. Heavy chain necklace that was a free gift with purchase
  75. Pink bead necklace
  76. Green bead necklace
  77. Orange box in which I kept those necklaces
  78. Green box in which I used to keep other necklaces
  79. Broken vibrator
  80. Used batteries (4)
  81. Box in which I kept THAT THING
  82. A nearly empty bag of chocolate chips
  83. Empty water bottle (I moved on to my husband's nightstand)
  84. Cough drop wrappers (dozens)
  85. Used tissues (gross)
  86. Empty medicine blister packs
  87. An appointment card for my esthetician
  88. Trouser socks (3 pairs) (I moved on to one of my dresser drawers)
  89. White socks (8 pairs)
  90. Black socks (4 pairs)
  91. Lingerie bags (3)
All that and I never left my room. Well, I did take out the trash and recycling when I was done. Tomorrow, I will take the donation bag and box out to the garage until the next donation pick-up day. It feels good to get rid of stuff.



Good job! That's a lot of random stuff.


Excellent job. I'm almost inspired to get up and get rid of some stuff...

The broken vibrator went in the donation bag right?


Wow!I'm impressed. I love a good purge. It feels great in every way.


good job, i love throwing things away. i think i love the feeling i get afterward the most.

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