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The next thing I am going to do is buy duplicates of some of my make-up and moisturizers so that I can keep a little bag in my purse. I tried putting my regular make-up bag in my purse but then I would be too lazy to go downstairs and fish it out in the morning when I wanted to put on make-up, so I ended up carrying it around all the time and never wearing make-up.

This is so obvious, but it has taken me 35 years to figure it out.

Wow. That's a really good idea. How did I never think of that before. Apparently, it's not just you. LOL


we keep duplicate cleaning supplies in each bathroom and in the kitchen so we don't have to carry anything from room to room (or go all the way to the kitchen for counter cleaner). This includes paper towels which I use a ton of when I am getting ready or when we are cleaning. This is my "the environment can suck it" contribution.


At work we are trying to go green by using ceramic mugs for coffee/hot beverages. The only problem is that there are fewer mugs than there are employees & customers, so the dishwasher gets run multiple times a day to keep up with the demand. How is that more environmentally friendly than having paper cups? CA is in a drought! Not to mention the energy used by the dishwasher...

Sometimes being "green" isn't smart environmentally or financially.

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