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Resolution Update: Day 5

Call for Opinions: What do grown-ups do for fun?

Jamie asks:

My husband and I have discovered that we are the most boring people on earth. With every day being a 12-hour workday we don’t have a lot of free time, but what little we have, we have no idea what to do with. When we were younger we loved to go out and party, but we’ve outgrown it. And we never replaced these activities with anything else. Also, all of our friends have either had kids or never grew up, so we don’t really associate with anyone anymore.

So, basically we have no friends (we both work at the same place and everyone here is either way older than us, or has kids, or is weird or all of the above) and no hobbies. All we do is sit and stare at each other going “What do you wanna do? I don’t know, what do YOU wanna do?”

Is there some sort of match-making site for couples in their late 20’s-early 30’s to meet other lame people with no friends? If not, there should be. It’s hard to make friends as an adult.

Anyone have any suggestions for hobbies? We are not athletic and are both very accident prone, so anything with sharp pointy things (like darts) or heavy things (like bowling) or physical activity (like, um, sports) is not good. Also, anything that takes a long time (we have no attention span), or involves weirdos (like Renaissance fairs or Civil War Re-enactment) is out.

This is a good topic, about which I have surprisingly few opinions. My husband and I watch TV, go to the movies, and hand out with family (I have lots) and friends (we have few). We don't have tons of free time, though. We both have long commutes. We have two small children. I am taking MBA classes. I have to blog, and tweet, and post reviews on Yelp or the world will end. My husband plays online games. We're both fat because we don't exercise.

Anybody have some ideas for Jamie?



Volunteer! or the local United Way has tons of opportunities... some are just for like one day events or activities. I've poured beer at beerfests, been a course marshall at marathons or fun runs. Also you could try One brick if there's one in your area. That gets people together to do volunteer work then happy hour after.

Also you could try meet-up to meet people or Craigslist (they have a strictly platonic section). (You know I say all these things but I don't DO any of them - except the volunteering, that I do).


Maybe try to figure out a hobby you might both be interested in. Photography? I was also going to suggest Meet-Up ( as I have friends who have found all sorts of groups of people there.

What about a pet? You didn't mention if you have/want any, but adopting and training a dog takes a lot of time and can be very rewarding.


Hey Jamie!

I don't have any ideas for you, wish I did, because you just described the bf and me. You wouldn't happen to live anywhere near the Toronto area in Canada? LOL


Where does Jamie and her husband live? My husband and are in the same boat! We like board games (and have a closet full of them) but nobody we know is into playing them. :(


Not all people involved in re-enactments and renniasance faires are weirdos. Such activities may not be for you but you can't lump everyone invovled in thoseactivities into the weirdo box. Have you considered golf? Joining a country club would allow you to meet other couples, and golf can present a fun challenge without alot of physical effort. If this does not sound fun perhaps video games might offer the entertainment your looking for without alot of phsyical challenges. The unfortunate aspect of the last option is that you don't meet other people.

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