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When I Am President

When I am president - of my own company, not of the country - there are some things that I am going to do differently.

Every Friday will be a half day

Who really works all eight hours of a Friday anyway? I think people will be just as productive on half-day Fridays and they will be much happier since they get the afternoon off.

The office will be paperless

I hate paper. I hate printing out documents. I hate keeping documents. I hate signing documents. The only thing I do like is taking notes on paper and keeping a paper To Do list. Even so, I keep my notebook pretty thin. As soon as I use one page, I tear it out and recycle it.

People will be allowed to design their own workspaces

For instance, I hate working at a desk. I would be much more comfortable and get just as much work done if I had a recliner and used my laptop as an actual laptop. And, I would be much happier if I had a mini fridge stocked with Diet Pepsi right next to my recliner.

I would also not expect people to be tied to their workspaces. We have a great room here at work with some sofas. I would really like to take my laptop down there and work from there, but I have a feeling it would be frowned upon. Or, on a sunny day, it would be nice if our wifi extended to the patio in front of the building because I would love to sit out there to work. Again, I think it would be frowned upon.

People can wear what they want*

I would wear jeans, sneakers, and a tee shirt every single day if I weren't a director at my company. Some directors do, but they are generally in engineering. There is a subtle dress code based on your department and position here. I am a director on the business side of things, so I need to dress more professionally than a director on the engineering side, but not as nicely as a director in sales.

*Within reason. I don't mind flip-flops, but I don't want to see any knees.

We will have fantastic lighting

I really cannot stand overhead fluorescent lighting.


There will be a lunch hour and a siesta hour during which it will be perfectly acceptable to take a nap.

There will be onsite child care that includes sick care

I know it is ridiculously expensive, but I want to see my babies during the day.

Maybe I will add to this list over time. This is all I have for now

(Written at my desk under the harsh fluorescent glare while my toe throbs from these pointy-toed flats.)



As long as you have the budget for it, I'll be there offering up awesome benefits. :)


I'd come and work for you in a heartbeat.


Also, cordless. There is enough technology out there for most offices to be mostly wireless. If you are paying for cell phones, why have a line at each desk? If you have laptops the only wire should be for power.

I don't know what I could do, but I will totally work for you too.

David Buckels

I believe you just described Ebay, Google and Apple. You could hire a best friend to be Director of Development, wait, that was Beoutdoors.

I think it should be more like the TV shows, thirtysomething or The Office -- maybe you could combine the two.

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