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Call for Opinions: A Little Girl's Bedroom

Kenna will be 18 months old this week. We will also find out this week if the new baby is a boy or girl. Fortunately, we decorated the nursery in gender-neutral colors because we knew Kenna would not be our last baby. Before the new baby comes, Kenna will move out of the nursery, into her own room. She will stay in a crib for as long as possible, but the new room will have big girl furniture as well.

Here's where the need for opinions comes in. I have zero ideas about how I want to decorate her room. What color should I paint the walls? What type of bedding should I get? What should I put on the newly-painted walls? What should I put on the window, besides a black-out shade that is?

Do you have any ideas? To help, below are pictures of the furniture I have chosen, but not yet purchased.




(Links to the items can be found on Kenna's Amazon Wish List.)



PM: I like bright primary colors, but I also loooove pink and brown and pink and blue.
I can see a room done with pink walls (lower half), and a brown stripe halfway up, horizontal, and pink and brown polka-dots on the upper portion of the walls. It will look so nice with the white furniture.
You can also do the blue and brown - less 'girly' but still feminine and pretty.
Then, either use pink (or blue) bedding with brown accents (pillowcases, curtains, etc.).
I wish I had a little girl! Decorating for boys is kind of boring.

Katey Selkowe

I love the combo of teal and brown, even though I refuse to wear anything brown. Good thing this isn't about me.


How about a pretty pale green...maybe a cute garden theme, with big flowers and cute bees and ladybugs. Would look great with the furniture.


I like Katrina's suggestion. Throw in a few dragonflies and it is perfect. :)


The whole garden thing is easy because you can find accessories for the EVERYWHERE. Ikea has cute 3 foot plastic flowers that hang on the wall and light up. I actually have a package of garden bugs and flower wall stickers (they come off easy) that you can have. We have cycled through the garden theme twice so far.

It also depends on how much you like decorating. How long do you want this room to last? 2 years or 10 years? LOL. Seriously though because if you did something like the aqua or teal with brown you could make it work until she is a teenager. Wait, you said the walls are freshly painted - what color are they?

I love decorating my kids rooms. They like to change it up all the time so I have tons of ideas for ya.

Peeved Michelle

A couple suggestions came in through Twitter for pink and green toile.

I am leaning toward the garden theme. I think it would go better with the furniture I've chosen. I do love the pink and brown idea, though. There is a bedding set at Pottery Barn Kids that I adore that is pink and brown, but I think it needs more traditional furniture.


I have 2 girls, so here are things to consider for the future:

How tall will your girls be? Are you or your husband tall? If so, very quickly their legs will bunch up and have to fold on the daybed-ish bed.

My kids are tall and my 6th grader's legs hang over her twin bed. She looks uncomfortable. She'd rather be crowded than lose floorplace, though. The younger one, however, just opted for a queen bed (Costco coupon). Consider a full bed with a quality mattress. Or a twin with an OK mattress.

If you're buying the second option because of the trundle and thinking about sleepovers, don't. Buy a queen air mattress with pump from Target and have that on hand for sleepovers. Use underbed space for storage, which you need every day.

I had white wood furniture -- similar to your picks -- and it's been fabulous. Paint and decor have changed 3 times, but the furniture always works and looks fresh. Plus, those styles you seem drawn to work from shabby-chic to modern to Pottery Barn-esq.


A comment on decor based on my experience with two girls:

Don't spend the time, energy, or money on decor. Wait until she cares about it, which in my case was 3rd or 4th grade. Until then, buy the white furniture, a bedside lamp, and a carpet for comfort. Also, don't get trapped into large plastic storage bins or wicker baskets. They look bad very quickly. Check out Ikea's toy storage ideas.


And since you have a girl, here's something I wish I'd been told: Rather than buying a bunch of toys (tons of Barbies, Bratz, etc...), buy one good doll (My Twinn or American Girl). Then for gifts, buy and request accessories for that doll. A friend did that and her now adult daughter is grateful. Do spend on a quality kitchen set, though (Costco has great wood ones), as she'll play with that until she's 9 or 10. And, if your yard can handle, a wooden playset.


Even though I say to ignore decor, you can't have bare walls, so here's my vote: Take an awesome photo (I prefer candid headshots)of little one, have make it B&W or sepia and blow up to poster size ($10). Then mount on black foamboard ($5). Hang. Voila. I have a grouping of three and get compliments all the time.

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