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Call for Opinions: Toddler Booster Seats

Booster My mom wants to get a toddler booster seat for her house for my almost-three-year-old niece and, later, for my toddler. She is considering the boosterPOD. I haven't had to look into booster seats yet since my toddler is still in a high chair and going to stay there until she is too big for it or the new baby needs it in about a year.

Do you have an opinion about toddler booster seats? Straps? No straps? Something entirely different from the one shown here?



A few of my friends have the Cooshee Booster seats, and they seem to work well as a transition into 'big people' chairs. I'm not big on the straps - if you still need to restrain the child, he probably still needs to be in a high chair.


I'm not a parent, but my sister left a booster seat at my parents' house for her kids. I think it's the Fisher Price Healthy Care seat - the colors are different and it doesn't have the height adjustment feature, but it has been about 5 years since she bought it.

I like this seat because you can use it like a high chair with the tray, but once the kid is old enough, they can use it as a regular booster seat. It's easy to clean - you just wipe it off, and the straps secure it well to whatever chair you use.

Peeved Michelle

Someone on Twitter suggested getting one that is all one piece, with no seams or parts for collecting debris.

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